Making a Safety Plan

A safety plan for mental health is a list of coping strategies and people who can help. Safety plans are meant to help people safely through a crisis, such as when they feel suicidal, depressed, or overwhelmed.

How to Make a Safety Plan

  • Think of times the plan would be used, such as after recognizing certain triggers or warning signs.
  • Create a list of things that bring happiness or comfort.
  • Make a list of things or people that make life worth living.
  • Compile a list of people, complete with their contact information, who would be helpful to talk to during a time of crisis.
  • Include numbers for national hotlines, local crisis numbers, or other ways to reach professional help.
  • Plan how to make an environment safe during a crisis.

An example of a safety plan can be found here. Consider sitting down with your children and helping them make their own safety plan.

This blog was written by Hope Squad. Hope Squad student members are trained to be aware of their peers and watch for warning signs. They learn to show empathy to their peers, listen without judgment, and reduce stigma regarding help-seeking and mental illness. Hope Squads are now in over 1,200 schools across 35 states and Canada. During the seventeen years since Timpview High School started a Hope Squad, the school has not lost a student to suicide. And as Hope Squad grows, we will continue to spread hope and save more lives. Learn more by visiting https://hopesquad.com/.