The series tells stories of characters who face some of the most difficult issues that young people deal with today. It shows their evolution in the key decision: that life is worth living.

Recent times have intensified social isolation and this has been felt deeply in the lives of young people. The CDC reports that the instance of young girls attempting suicide has increased 50% since 2019. Today suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people aged 10 to 24. Every day, 500 people in this age group attempt suicide and 20 kids die by suicide.

However, research shows that connections to friends, family and community can be the difference between life and death. The power of storytelling is known to create connection and combat loneliness. Stories can break down the stigma of talking about mental health needs and thoughts of suicide.

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My Life is Worth Living™ is produced by The Cook Center for Human Connection in partnership with Wonder Media. The Cook Center for Human Connection is a Utah-based non-profit dedicated to eradicating suicide and advocating for mental health and wellness. Having given over $10M to behavioral health initiatives, founders Greg and Julie Cook are confident that animation will reach young people in ways nothing else can.

For this reason, they have partnered with Wonder Media, the world’s leading animation studio producing mission-driven content for children and teens. Wonder Media is led by CEO Terry Thoren the former CEO of Klasky Csupo, Inc., the company that incubated the first 65 episodes of the Simpsons and produced Rugrats, the Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power and many other globally popular animated series.

Wonder Media’s mission-driven animations have been viewed by more than 425 million people worldwide. The My Life is Worth Living™ series will have the same impact. This timely series will help teach how to prevent teen suicide. These stories are worth telling. These lives are worth saving.

These stories are worth telling. These lives are worth saving.