Extension Lessons

Below, you’ll find free printable extension lessons for each of the My Life is Worth Living stories for grades 6-12. Each lesson features discussion questions, group activities, writing prompts, and family engagement while reinforcing the mental wellness skills that are modeled in My Life is Worth Living. 

Amie's Story - Suicide Survivor

When negative thoughts continue to haunt a teenage suicide survivor, the support of her family and boyfriend become essential to finding a sense of purpose and accepting all parts of herself – the positive and the negative. 


Jam-packed days and meticulous planning help 16-year-old Amie stay organized and pursue her goals. They also help her forget that her parents treat her like she’s made of glass, and that her boyfriend worries about her. They help her forget the dark years of medications and diagnoses that led her to the hospital, and they help her ignore the negative thoughts that continue to darken the corners of her mind. With the help of her therapist, her family, and her boyfriend, Amie is learning that there’s no shame in continuing to struggle, that relying on the support of loved ones doesn’t make her a burden, and that a sense of hope and purpose can help her cope with negative thoughts.

Dante's Story - LGBTQ+

Negative thoughts become a world of despair for a high school football star, whose struggles with identity and an overbearing father challenge him to accept support from peers and from himself. Dante is outgoing with friends, confident in school, and a strong member of his football team; no one would suspect that he feels utterly depressed and trapped by the expectations of his family and peers. Now approaching graduation, Dante can no longer bear the pain of hiding his passions and his identity from his father and himself.


As he struggles to overcome the feelings of hopelessness that have characterized his teen years, Dante will find unexpected allies in his football coach and the coach’s son, a mental health mentor. He will also learn that his conflicts with his father are not his fault, that he is strong enough to control the negative voice in his head, and that he is worthy of love and support.

Kyle's Story - Bullying and Addiction

Persistent bullying becomes a waking nightmare for 16-year-old Kyle, whose struggles with negative thinking take center stage when it seems like everyone at school is against him. Feeling trapped and alone, Kyle turns to alcohol to suppress the self-critical voice that echoes in his head. Kyle hides the bullying and the alcoholism from his father Mario, who he believes could never understand what he’s going through. Sensing that something is wrong, Mario shares about his own struggle with PTSD after the service, and helps Kyle get comfortable communicating about his feelings. Alcohol doesn’t numb the pain forever, but when his negative thoughts become overpowering again, Kyle finds that opening up about his struggle with people who care about him is a more powerful remedy than drinking could ever be.

Danny's Story - Trauma survivor

Danny has experienced life threatening physical trauma after a fire that happened in his home. Now that he is dealing with physical disability and visible physical difference, he is struggling greatly with his sense of self-worth. Before the accident, Danny was a music lover and a jokester, who loved messing with his little brother, Angel, of whom he was also highly protective. Since the accident, he’s lost interest in a lot of the things he used to love. He feels isolated from his now-distant peers and he feels guilty that his family has to see him struggling to adjust to his new life.


With the support of his family and medical team, he is learning how to accept his new normal and openly communicate in hard times so that he stays safe and feels connected.

Emily's Story - sexual abuse

Emily is a creative, sometimes introverted person that has a close relationship with her mother, Theresa. They frequently make each other laugh and have always been supportive of one another. When Emily’s mom started dating someone seriously last year, Emily was excited for her. She has loved seeing her mom so happy, feeling inspired by her capacity to balance career, love, and family.

Recently, Emily has been trying to balance this important relationship with her mom with the new uneasiness she has been experiencing about her mom’s fiancé, Brandon. Recurring moments of discomfort with him have now become more recognizable as sexual abuse. Currently, Emily is struggling to connect with her mother about what is going on, feeling guilt and shame about what has been happening, and beginning to have suicidal thoughts. With the support of her best friend Shayla and Shayla’s mother Carla, she is able to feel supported enough to confide in her mother and know that her story matters.


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