LGBTQ+ Youth and Mental Health

According to a survey done by the Trevor Project, during the past year, more than 80% of LGBTQ+ youth reported that COVID-19 made their living situation more stressful; 48% reported they wanted mental health help but were unable to get it; and 42% percent seriously considered attempting suicide.

Whether your own children identify as LGTBQ+ or you know children who do, there are things you can do to be their ally.

  • Tell them they have your unconditional love.
  • Let them know they can talk to you, that you are there for them.
  • Listen without judgment and with respect.
  • Be a role model of including and supporting others through kindness.
  • Stay informed and use correct LGBTQ+-related terminology.
  • Ask them how they would like to be called (such as when using pronouns).

This blog was written by Hope Squad. Hope Squad student members are trained to be aware of their peers and watch for warning signs. They learn to show empathy to their peers, listen without judgment, and reduce stigma regarding help-seeking and mental illness. Hope Squads are now in over 1,200 schools across 35 states and Canada. During the seventeen years since Timpview High School started a Hope Squad, the school has not lost a student to suicide. And as Hope Squad grows, we will continue to spread hope and save more lives. Learn more by visiting https://hopesquad.com/.